Daisy Rosas Vargas

Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Ithaca College
Science Communicator and Educator

Daisy spends her time teaching science inside the classroom walls as well as the open spaces of science museums and local organizations. She is passionate to communicate chemistry through informal-STEM learning environments to the general public and young children of color. Please examine the tabs above to learn more about her professional experience.


Science, Education, and Communication, Oh My!

My commitment to science communication and outreach at the root of my academic career. 

PhD Research

Daisy's research focus is Pd-catalyzed cross coupling reactions with a focus on developing underutilized catalytic pathways of the Heck reaction.

Online Features

Interested in learning more about my PhD research and outreach activity? 

March 8th, 2019

International Day of Women

"So for international women’s day, I really wanted to highlight the diversity of the women and job roles within STEM and celebrate the scientists/engineers working on trailblazing projects."- @nina.draws.scientists

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